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1)   I might attend meetings if they were on a:

  weekday (Mon-Thurs), in the evening
  weekend (Fri-Sun), in the evening
  weekday (Mon-Thurs), during the day
  weekend (Fri-Sat), during the day

select all that apply
2)   I would like to:

  find friends and classmates
  help with fundraising efforts (scholarships, etc.)
  just hang out
  business networking, anyone?
  Other (type response here)

select all that apply
3)   I think it would be great if we:

  could coordinate reunions here
  held an annual all-alumni social event
  Other (enter your suggestion here)

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4)   To help the alumni association cover costs (regulatory, web, etc.), I would more likely:

  donate online
  make a corporate donation
  participate in a fundraising event (golf, etc.)
  Other (type response here)

select all that apply