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Here are some fun vids (past and not-so-past) that you might enjoy!

Lip Dub - 2011 KHS Audio-Video Production class production/lip dub of Taio Cruz's 'Dynamite'(courtesy KHS A/V teacher Rusty Odom: "Over 300 students and administrators participated in the making of the video.")

Class of 1989 (part 1)-- by Mike Willcox and Ty Symons

Class of 1989 (Part 2) -- by Mike Willcox and Ty Symons

KHS Band 1998 (Texas State Marching Contest) -- AMAZING!

KHS Band 2001 (Patriotic Drill/Post 9/11)

Talent Show moment: KHS student and uberguitarist Nick Poczynek (with Devin Towle (drums) and Danny Baker (bass) playing "Cliffs of Dover" by Eric Johnson) (1.4+ million views on YouTube!!)

Cliff Lane's Class of 1983 25-year reunion video